SLK Lighting
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CLIENT: SLK Lighting Design
STATUS: Active
PARTNER: Lencanna Design


SLK lighting design is a lighting consultant, which specialized in designing architectural lighting application. They help to design and provide the most suitable lighting design solution for many of architectural building projects as specific as the project uniqueness. Many of their projects are private residential, office, café and other public buildings.

They strive to create customize lighting scene and ambience which intensify the beauty value and characteristics of a building. They aware that the main point of a lighting design is not only illuminate a space, but also to integrate the beauty of light to make desirable room ambience and mood, which make the space or room feel more lively and convenient for user-activity.

Established in 2005, they have numerous projects and clients across Surabaya and many other cities in Indonesia. Besides their professional service in design , they also help to accompany and to supervise along with architect and/or the contractor during the construction phase and give solution for lighting installation, So that they can achieve the design goals without interrupting or delaying others subjects goals.


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